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We unite everyone worldwide who have an interest in fitness in any shape or form

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Made for athlets, sport enthusiasts,
instructors and companies alike

InWiFit is a social platform build for all people that have sport as a common passion. It’s purpose is to connect people with similar sport interests, to help athlets and newcommers to keep an eye on their development and furthermore to discover products and people that will help them grow their passion.


Main features

Personal trainer

If you have a personal instructor and you’re satisfied – why not recommend him/her? If you’re looking for a new one, decide your choice trough other recommendations.

Recommend and rate products

Did you buy a product you just need to let other people know about? Or maybe you’re ambassador for a special brand. – Do your job easy by rating products directly for everyone to see.

Diet plans

Find and recommend your own dietician or get yourself a new one. It’s possible for you to see the recommendations from other users as well.

Develop, compete and share

Get social with your friends – show how much you’ve developed through time. If you competed, it’s possible to choose which competitions you attended to and have a second look at the ones you competed against. Share your fitness-story and inspire others!

Customized news

Are you tired of missing out on a good offer? Get the latest news and offers in your specific field of interest!

Get inspired!

Explore and follow fellow fitness enthusiasts and athletes from all over the world.


Why you should use InWiFit?

We spend loads of time and waste a lot of battery power switching between the apps and internet sites - wouldn't it be great to have all this information in one single app? Well, no more time wasting - we have gathered all the information for you in one place!

InWiFit is a brand new concept. A platform that unites everything for an active lifestyle! With just a few clicks you have created a profile that gives you access to a universe where you can


Find others like you

  • Follow and contact friends.
  • Explore and follow other fitness enthusiasts and athletes from all over the world.

Discover products and professionals

  • Find & recommend your personal trainer.
  • Find & recommend your dietician.
  • Recommend and rate products and equipment.

Interact with others

  • Receive notifications about new and exciting offers that match your field of interests.
  • Find and save the posts you want to investigate later in an easy and user-friendly way.

Go beyond social

  • Explore new shops and webshops for your next purchase of training gear.
  • Publish competitions you have either participated in or are planning to participate in and find your competitors.
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