Anastasia Todorova

28 years old

Brooklyn, NY, United States

For how many years have you been working out and why?

"4 years and I'm the best shape of my life now! Because I want to be better every day! There is no limits!"

Which kind of workout do you practice?

"Fasted cardio and weight training."

What’s your favorite workout and why?

"Any weightlifting session - love working hard!"

What’s the worst workout and why?

"The worst workout for me is fasted cardio- it's exhausting!"

Which body part are you proud of the most and why?

"My shoulders and back. It took me two years to grow some muscles!"

Which body part are you not satisfied with and why?

"I'm not satisfied with my shoulders and back - have a lot of work ahead."

Have you ever competed and what position did you get? Would you do it (again)?

"My first show on June 24rd- NPC GARDEN STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS. I will compete in fitness bikini."

Are you getting any help with your workout or dietplans?

"Yes, of course. My coach is Maria Kuzmina - Ifbb bikini champion of Russia, 2 times overall Miss Universe NABBA, 2 times world champion NABBA."

What kind of diet plan are you on?

"I'm on the competition prep for 9 weeks now."

Are you taking any supplements?

"Of course I do! Multivitamins, minerals, omega 3, glutamine, bcaa, whey protein, antioxidants."

Are there any favorite products? Tights, shakers, bars or so?

"Nike, Reebok, Gorilla Wear, Six Deuce, Celestial Bodiez- are my favorite clothes brands. The main reason for choosing them is a good quality! As for sports nutrition companies, I prefer My Protein, Bulk Supplements, Ultimate Nutrition- good quality for reasonable price!) I prefer to do my shopping online- it's saving my time!"

Where do you work out and why?

"In Retro Fitness. This chane has very convenient location for me, good equipment and tanning machines!"

When are you satisfied? Or will you ever be?

"When job is done and I see the results."

How much does your workout mean for you and why?

"It almost everything for my shape- you'll never get good body condition only with your diet."

How tall are you and how much do you weigh at the moment?

"I'm 5',5". 130lb now on my prep, 9 weeks out. 135lb off season."

How much time do you use on fitness?

"hours almost every day!"

Of all the things you have accomplished, during your 'fitness life' - what are you proud of the most?

"It's a competition with myself and I'm winning it!"

Date: 19.04.2017