Anna Mikhailovna Dudushkina

30 years old

Moscow, Russia

For how many years have you been working out and why?

"I have been working all my life. As a child, it was artistic gymnastics, and since 2000 it has become more serious about fitness and preparation for competitions."

Which kind of workout do you practice?

"My favorite is a gym! I also practice antigravity hammocks, training for stretching, acrobatic and strength elements, and of course cardio."

Which body part are you not satisfied with and why?

"I have tried many times to answer these questions specifically, but nothing happens. Since the training process is part of my life, it does not matter what muscle group I'm training. For all the years I have learned to love absolutely all parts of the body, muscles and varieties of training, because I know what result they bring. Of course, I was lucky with genetics, it's not important for going on stage."

Have you ever competed and what position did you get? Would you do it (again)?

"For many years I have been an active athlete of IFBB. I have many different awards and victories in fitness category." The best of them:

  • Three-time absolute world champion
  • Two-time Absolute Champion of Europe
  • Absolute winner of the festivals Arnold Classic and Olympia Europe
  • 5x Absolute Champion of Russia
"I think I'll be ready to go on stage, though only once."

How did it feel like on stage?

"I love the stage and these emotions that grab me, fight with a smile, I would say. Feelings of victory are even brighter, joy and satisfaction from the work done!"

Are you getting any help with your workout or dietplans?

"Despite my experience, I need a look from the outside, as a coach my husband, at the last seasons, Roman Dudushkin, he the champion, judge and coach in the Bodybuilding Federation."

What kind of diet plan are you on?

"Yes, figure bodybuilding. I'm 2016 pro figure world champion for IPEpros. Website to check my out is I love a challenge and I feel like since competing, I'm in the best shape in my life."

What kind of diet plan are you on and for how many weeks?

"Healthy eating is always in our family, for many people this is already a diet, so it depends on how the body looks, on average it's 12 weeks of strict nutrition."

Are you taking any supplements?

"Usually I use bcaa, glutamine, l-carnitine, protein, protein bars, omega 3, Q10 from Geon, and ordinary complex vitamins."

Are there any favorite products? Tights, shakers, bars or so?

"I have sponsors whose products I always enjoy with their quality. Sports nutrition brand Geon, most of all I love protein and bars, very tasty and with a good composition. Fitness clothing brand TTFY, super quality materials and colors that they use, can always look great in training and feel comfortable."

Where do you work out and why?

"I train and work in the fitness club Olympic in the city of Dmitrov since 2008. I love our club, it's big, with good equipment and different training zones."

When are you satisfied? Or will you ever be?

"I really like the expression of Arnold Schwarzenegger "stay hungry," this is a good incentive for life, and not just in competitions."

How much does your workout mean for you & why?

"Training is a big part of my life to compete, keep fit during pregnancy and after childbirth, and just feel good, because traffic is life!"

How tall are you and how much do you weigh at the moment?

"My height is 158 cm, weight is now 54.5 kg. The competition weight is 51-52 kg. I do not have a huge difference in weight between the season and not the season, the body composition changes more, the muscle season is slightly larger, and the fat is smaller)"

How much time do you use on fitness?

"Now I do not train much in the gym 2 times a week, because I gave birth to a second child (7 months ago) and my time now belongs more to my daughter, more now cardio in the form of walking with a stroller, as well as a swimming pool for children. I also have a son, he is 6.5 years old, he is preparing for school. In preparation for the competition I train twice a day, it's training in the gym, working out my competition routine, cardio and posing."

Of all the things you have accomplished, during your 'fitness life' - what are you proud of the most?

"Most of all, I am proud of my family! Because many athletes, especially women, are afraid to stop or pause in competitions for the wedding and the birth of children. They are afraid to lose form and glory, but you are standing on the stage for a few minutes, but real life is at home, every day in the circle of your beloved husband and children. And the temporary loss of shape after delivery is even more motivating to improve my body!"

Date: 26.04.2017