Fie Sølverblad

19 years old

Odense, Denmark

For how many years have you been working out and why?

"I have trained in three years, it started as a weight loss, I have been overweight. But after losing nearly 40 kilograms, I got an eating disorder. The process of an eating disorder, led me to the training world. My goal was never to be thin, but could not stop the loss of weight. So I started strength training a few times a week."

Which kind of workout do you practice?

"I make competitive bodybuilding, which is structured workout. In terms of exercising one's weaknesses, so as to harmonize the whole. The art of being able to create and shape your look, the cool thing about strength training."

What’s your favorite workout and why?

"I do not really have favorite workout that's all for me just fun to train. Really depends on my mood, some days it's obviously a super bad day. I am currently in a process which constantly improvements all around. So everything from legs to arms is fun to train."

What’s the worst workout and why?

"The worst training are the days where you are not in the mood for it. Of course they can also end up being good, but clearly the worst."

Which body part are you proud of the most and why?

"Again, I have nothing that is better than another. Always evaluate myself as a whole, like to work out all things. But I have in the past loved to train the quads, which is also visible. When they drown out my hamstrings."

Which body part are you not satisfied with and why?

"It's probably my thighs and butt, I can't get it activated as I want. And then you always have more muscle mass. But the right patient and humble with it, I'm not so old and it comes with time."

Have you ever competed and what position did you get? Would you do it (again)?

"No, I have not competed yet. I am six weeks out from my first show. And I'm so excited to try it."

Are you getting any help with your workout or dietplans?

"Yes, I get the help of Lars Hoe Madsen as coach of In2Shape. I have worked with different coaches, but the choice fall of Lars as he is super sympathetic and clever. I trust him, which constitutes my body follows the process. He gives me just the constructive criticism that makes me work harder every day."

What kind of diet plan are you on and for how many weeks?

"I'm on competition diet right now, I have been since the start of February. And my competition is in May. So about four months. It's no different than if I was in the enhancement period. It's just volumes turned down. High protein intake, less carbohydrates and low in fat. As work best for me."

Are you taking any supplements?

"I primarily use protein powder in my daily life, also I always remember my vitamins. To ensure the function when the body is under so much pressure. I use multivitamin, fish oil, magnesium and B + C vitamins. Three times a day I use a scoop BCAA, typically during morning cardio, during training and before bed. Before going to bed I use again fish oil and ZMA."

Do you have any favorite products? Workout clothes, shakers, protein bars or so? Why and where do you buy them?

"Yes, my favorite protein at the moment is clearly strawberries from Nutramino. I have always loved chocolate protein, but here on the diet remains is a little variation. Using only products from Nutramino, so that is where my BCAA, pre workout and fish oil are from. Really good products with quality and taste excellent. My favorite protein bar is LEAN bar from Nutramino with hazelnut"

Where do you work out and why?

"I have trained in many different centers, but I exercise in fitness world. Which is a super fine center, with many machines, so you can vary your training. Also, my local center open all day and night, which makes it easier when working late and doing morning cardio."

When are you satisfied? Or will you ever be?

"I am not satisfied and always believe they will be better. There is always one thing you can do better. And it is probably an eternal struggle for perfection."

How much does your workout mean for you and why?

"Training means everything to me, it is a free space where I can be myself. If you have a bad day at home or at work, training get my mood very top, Because of the kick you get. It's clear the quality of life for me, the feeling one has after and the many results you can create on your own."

How tall are you and how much do you weigh at the moment?

"I am 168 cm tall, offseason I weigh 68-70 kg and on stage between 55-57 kg. Perhaps less when the water drop. Right now I weigh 59 kilograms and my fat percentage is 9, 6 weeks out."

How much time do you use on fitness?

"I train twice a day, doing 40 minutes of morning cardio on an empty stomach. Lift weights later in the day between 1 hour and a half there. So about two hours a day."

Of all the things you have accomplished, during your 'fitness life' - what are you proud of the most?

"I'm probably most proud of so far I have come, when I two years ago had severe eating disorder that destroyed my life. Along with the many sponsors throughout my time as an athlete. As believe in me and are there for me. The many friendships you get. Because we all share the same passion. It also super cool that you can motivate others and meet people in the gym who have seen me on social media. When they ask for advice or give me credit. So it's worth it. It is an exciting journey that I enjoy and look forward to the future of many shows."

Date: 13.04.2017