Johan Österman

38 years old

Floda, Sweden

For how many years have you been working out and why?

"First 10 years just to put on weight. Then 7 competing. Then 2,5 years off. And now 1,5 years to feel and look good."

Which kind of workout do you practice?

"Weight training and power walks."

What’s your favorite workout and why?

"Chest and arms. It feels good."

What’s the worst workout and why?

"Legs. It hurts like hell."

Which body part are you proud of the most and why?

"None. They could all be much better. "

Which body part are you not satisfied with and why?

"Hamstrings and glutes. They just won't grow."

Have you ever competed and what position did you get? Would you do it (again)?

  • "Strongman PGP 2003 (1:a)
  • Strongman PGP 2004 (1:a)
  • Athletic fitness PGP 2005 (3:a)
  • Athletic fitness PGP 2006 (1:a)
  • Bodybuilding -100kg DC 2007 (2:a)
  • Classic Bodybuilding +178cm LP 2007 (4:a)
  • Classic Bodybuilding +178cm SM 2008 (4:a overall)
  • Bodybuilding -100kg DC 2012 (3:a)
  • Bodybuilding -100kg LP 2012 (3:a)
I'm done competing."

Are you taking any supplements?

"Vitamins, bcaa, malto and omega 3 caps"

Do you have any favorite products? Workout clothes, shakers, protein bars or so? Why and where do you buy them?

"ProPud Proteinmilkshakes. My stomach can't handle proteinpowder."

Where do you work out and why?

"In my homegym. It's always open and never crowded. I can train naked if I want and listen to what music I like at the volume I whish!"

When are you satisfied? Or will you ever be?

"A bodybuilder never is. But i have a good balance and i feel good and thats my only goal right now."

How much does your workout mean for you and why?

"It means i can eat what i want and still look like this and feel good so it means a lot."

How tall are you and how much do you weigh at the moment?

"I'm 184cm and weight about 102kg in decent shape. My heaviest offseason weight was 120kg and my weight on stage 99,7kg."

Date: 30.03.2017