Taryn Hendler

38 years old

Florida, USA

For how many years have you been working out and why?

"I started weight lifting in 2013. Lifting has completely changed my physique but also given me a much healthier relationship with my body and food."

Which kind of workout do you practice?

"Weight lifting."

What’s your favorite workout and why?

"Legs! My legs are my strongest so it's always fun seeing how far I can push myself."

What’s the worst workout and why?

"Chest. I hate training chest!! Probably because I'm not really trying to grow my pecs so there's no excitement to that lift."

Which body part are you proud of the most and why?

"My since the transformation since I started training is remarkable. I was flat to start... but it's a muscle like any other body part and can be built too."

Which body part are you not satisfied with and why?

"My thighs... they hold a lot of water and they're the one part of my body that I have the hardest time leaning out for competitions."

Have you ever competed and what position did you get? Would you do it (again)?

"I have been competing in the NPC bikini division since 2013. I love everything about competing! Not only competition day and the challenge of trying to improve your physique each show, but the whole process really is remarkable. You learn how strong you are when you have to be. I've placed top 5 in all my shows with one overall win."

How did it feel like on stage?

"Completely nerve wrecking! I shake like crazy and am so nervous (even with about 15 shows under my belt)."

Are you getting any help with your workout or dietplans?

"My prep coach is Michelle Sylvia and my training coach is Cameron James. I selected them (Team Prolete) because they are both pro athletes and live by example. The results they get are remarkable and it's so inspiring to see your coaches compete at the pro level."

What kind of diet plan are you on and for how many weeks?

"It depends on how close to a competition I am but I typically stick to lean protein, greens, complex carbs (oats, sweet potato, brown rice) and healthy fats (peanut butter, avocado)."

Are you taking any supplements?

"I use Slap Nutrition supplements primarily. I use their preworkout every morning, L-glutamine and BCAAs (salted caramel flavor is my favorite) while I train. I also use their multivitamin and magnesium before bed time."

Do you have any favorite products? Workout clothes, shakers, protein bars or so? Why and where do you buy them?

"Nutsnmore peanut butter is my absolute favorite treat- Toffee crunch and chocolate maple pretzel are so delicious! I'm not a big protein bar person but Quest bars are pretty tasty. My favorite clothing line is definitely Celestial Bodiez! I shop online for all clothing and get my other supplements and goodies from Next Level Sports Nutrition."

Where do you work out and why?

"LA fitness because it's convenient. So many locations relatively close to home and all the equipment I need."

When are you satisfied? Or will you ever be?

"I don't think so... because there's ALWAYS room for improvement. When you hit one goal, it's on to the next."

How much does your workout mean for you and why?

"My workouts are a huge part of my day. They're "me" time. They're a great stress reliever and also help me to meet my goals."

How tall are you and how much do you weigh at the moment?

"5' 3.5 currently 119. Off season I'm between 125 and 130."

How much time do you use on fitness?

"My workouts are about an hour to an hour and a half (leg days) and then cardio ranges from 30 to 60 minutes daily."

Do you have an idol - if yes; who?

"Probably Amanda Latona. I have followed her since I started weight lifting and just really love her realness."

Of all the things you have accomplished, during your 'fitness life' - what are you proud of the most?

"Improving each season/ each show."

Date: 25.04.2017